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Who are we?

Lethbridge Land is a “Community Builder” that brings people and resources together to create opportunities to live, learn, play, shop and work for the residents and visitors of Lethbridge. We accomplish this through working together, acting with courage and enthusiasm, doing the right thing and thinking beyond today. We acquire real estate for the purposes of municipal use, residential development, commercial development, industrial development, stragtegic land banking and redevelopment.


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Lethbridge Land is a department of the City of Lethbridge that reports to City Council. Lethbridge Land adheres to the Municipal Government Act and policies of City Council.

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2018 Lethbridge Land Annual Report

Lethbridge Land is proud of the work we do to shape Lethbridge. We take pride in building innovative communities that offer valued amenities, enhanced quality of life and lasting value for investors and families.

We are a self-financed municipal land developer. Self-financed means the cost of all business operations (including land development levies, fees, staff salaries, overhead costs, marketing, and property taxes in lieu) is covered by the revenue generated by land sales and not through property taxes collected by the City.

Financial profits from land development operations stay in the City of Lethbridge. City Council allocates them for use in capital projects that would otherwise be funded through municipal property taxes, grants or borrowing.

Find out what we have been up to in 2018, and what’s in store for 2019 and beyond!

View our 2018 Lethbridge Land Annual Report (16MB File)