Browse some of the projects we are very proud to be a part of.

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Lethbridge Land creates revenue to be reinvested into other projects within our community, below are some of the projects we are most proud of.

Sherring Expansion


Sherring Business & Industrial Park is designed to foster business partnerships and economic growth in our city. Whether you are a small business looking for a new "home" in a vibrant commerical community, a light or heavy industrial business looking for a place to expand your operations or a larger commercial business looking for a solid location, Sherring offers choice and great potential for growth. Anchored by Walmart and a major sports field complex, Sherring is the place in Lethbridge for businesses to be, to do and to grow.

Fire Station #5


Today the population of west Lethbridge is nearing 40,000 with the Fire Master Plan identifying an additional fire station is required to service west Lethbridge, providing an additional fire truck and ambulance to west Lethbridge and improving response times for this side of the city. The City of Lethbridge is currently designing the new Fire Station (#5). The new facility will be approximately 1200 square meters in size and will include three drive through apparatus bays and sufficient space for parking and fire grounds training. Construction of Fire Station #5 will start in the summer 2019 with completion set for fall 2020.

Crossings Playground


Lethbridge Land is excited to be gearing up for the development of a shiny new playground in Crossings! It will be located in the newest development area (Phase 7) and will sit on the northeastern portion of a future school site. We are looking for feedback from families and playground enthusiasts on what amenities should be included in the park. Tired of lining up for the swings, or want to see zip lines or net climbers? What kinds of amenities do you want to see there? What are your children's favourite pieces of equipment to play on? What other amenities should be added (site furniture, landscaping, other equipment). What fun ideas do you have?

Lethbridge Airport


In July of 2018, the City of Lethbridge acquired ownership of the Lethbridge Airport. Lethbridge Land, with direction from City Council and the City Manager, has been leading a cross function team to transition the ownership of the Lethbridge Airport from Lethbridge County to the City of Lethbridge. Near-term goals are to improve the passenger experience on inbound and outbound flights, which will require upgrades and expansion of the air terminal building. The long-term vision for the airport is to establish a strategy for the development of land adjacent to the air terminal building that takes full advantage of the close proximity to the airport, the city and highway transportation routes.