About Lethbridge


With a population of over 90,000 this vibrant city has much to offer both residents and businesses.  Our welcoming community spirit, beautiful parks and amenities, arts and culture, shopping and entertainment make it easy to call Lethbridge "home".

Residents of Lethbridge enjoy a high quality of life. Our cost of living is affordable, due in part to comparatively low rental and housing prices.  An abundance of natural, economical, educational and cultural advantages makes Lethbridge an ideal place to live, work and raise a family.

The education systems and facilities in Lethbridge are an important part of our city's unique vitality. It offers everything from outstanding preschool services to nationally-recognized post-secondary institutions. 

Within the Lethbridge Public and Holy Spirit school systems there are:

  • 17 elementary schools
  • 5 junior high/middle schools
  • 3 existing high schools with two more being constructed in West Lethbridge (by 2010)
  • outreach and alternative education programs
  • 1 K-12 Christian school
  • 1 K-12 Francophone public community school
  • private schools that meet a variety of special needs

The University of Lethbridge and the Lethbridge College offer outstanding post-secondary education programs, from training in manufacturing and support services to post-graduate degrees.

We are proud of our strong and diverse economic base. There is a keen entrepreneurial spirit here, as proven by our thriving small business community. Lethbridge is also home to national and international interests that hire a wide range of skilled employees.

The University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge College and the Lethbridge Research Centre draw prestigious faculty and staff.  Our low unemployment rate can be attributed to a well-trained, young workforce drawn to Lethbridge for a high quality education.

We advocate for diversity in our economy. In many ways, this is the hallmark of our economic strength and sustainability. Learn more about Economic Development in our City.

Nearby Attractions
Lethbridge is a beautiful city with much to offer, culturally, naturally and economically. Located at the crossroads of four major highways and spanning the Old Man River valley, Lethbridge offers easy access to a world of breathtaking natural and cultural attractions. Some of them include:

Lethbridge has one of the sunniest and warmest climates in the nation. With more than 2400 hours of sunshine annually and mild winter temperatures, residents of Lethbridge enjoy a comfortable climate.

  • Average Maximum Temperature 12.1o C
  • Average Minimum Temperature -1.0 o C
  • Average Yearly snowfall 160 cm
  • Average Yearly Rainfall 262 mm

Enjoying Lethbridge

Lethbridge takes pride in being a beautifully clean city, rich with excellent facilities, fine restaurants, shopping, diverse culture and recreation choices. To discover just a few, explore here.

Our City Council
Lethbridge is governed by our Mayor and 8 Council Members.  Together with City Departments, partnerships and community members, our City Council serve residents and visitors, provides leadership and assists the community in maintaining a healthy, attractive and economically viable City to call home.